Greens, Eggs and Ham

Apologies if you’re a bit over ham by now (or it offends your culinary or religious sensibilities). We didn’t have one this year, but the Boy Wonder’s mum cooked a fabulous one and I ate as much of it as I could. Now we’re home, there’s a ham-shaped hole in our fridge that no amount of chocolate or wine is able to fill. When the butcher reopens I’m going to go and buy some so we can have ham sandwiches (hamwiches?) and this fabulous warm salad.

Greens, Eggs and Ham

This is the BW’s invention – hence the amounts are somewhat vague- and we eat it a lot as a weekend lunch or light supper. It’s especially good at this time of year when there’s lots of ham lying around, but you can always substitute bacon if ham isn’t forthcoming.

Salad greens (crisp, crunchy Iceberg, Cos or Little Gem lettuce is best)
Vine tomatoes
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Wholegrain mustard

First boil your eggs. The BW recommends a method he reckons he got from watching Nigella on telly. Put as many eggs as you like in a small pot, add hand-hot water and put on medium heat. Cook for nine minutes, then drain, peel and cut in half.
Meanwhile, fry a couple of handfuls of ham (or bacon) until crispy at the edges.
Fill a bowl with crisp, crunchy salad greens and vine tomatoes. Scatter the ham and eggs on top.
Make a punchy dressing by mixing extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and wholegrain mustard (add a pinch of sugar if it’s too sharp). Drizzle over everything, toss and serve.



  1. January 4, 2011 / 8:39 pm

    I cannot stop smiling over 'hamwiches' 🙂 (see?)
    I love ham. I don't think I have enough ham this holiday season. The salad looks delicious.
    Is that a Nigella bowl? 🙂

  2. January 4, 2011 / 9:10 pm

    I never can get enough ham either. We had it on Christmas Eve and then we got to have it again in a casserole with potatoes. This salad looks great.

  3. January 4, 2011 / 9:25 pm

    I cooked a ham in cherry coke (yes Nigella!) on New Year's Eve and I'm still not sick of it! We've had ham for breakfast, ham for lunch, ham for tea LOL. Soft boiled eggs alongside sounds a wonderful combo – must try it tomrrow!!

  4. January 5, 2011 / 12:29 am

    Woo..this looks wonderful. Did you see Jamie making croussants from sour dough bread..frying them with the bacon. That would be great in this sald too. I'll be making this salad.

  5. January 5, 2011 / 12:32 am

    Of course I mean crouton.. not croissant.. silly old brain!

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