Sweet sweet Friday: White mocha fudge

Most nights this week I’ve lain awake in the early hours of the morning listening to the wind and worrying about whether our roof was going to lift off or if the window in the dining room was going to make a last break for freedom. Last night, as frost settled silently across the grass, I lay awake thinking about making white chocolate, coffee and walnut fudge. Because, obviously, someone who’s sleeping badly needs all the caffeine and sugar they can get to keep them functioning in daylight hours. And boy, this is a good way to do it.

White Mocha Fudge

This is like a coffee and walnut sponge in denser, fudgier form. One small square – the dimensions of half a walnut – goes a long way.

Have you dreamt up something fabulous for June’s We Should Cocoa yet? Go on, you know you want to. Once you start tinking about mixing coffee and chocolate it’s hard to stop…

300ml (1 375g tin) condensed milk

500g white chocolate, roughly chopped
4 tsp instant coffee, dissolved in 2 tsp hot water (or Tia Maria)

100g walnut halves, optional

Pour the condensed milk and the dissolved coffee into a heatproof bowl that can nestle comfortably in a saucepan. Put a inch or two of hot water in the saucepan, fit the bowl on top and put the whole contraption over low heat. Let the condensed milk warm up a bit, then add the chopped chocolate. Stir well, then watch carefully as the white chocolate starts to melt. Remove it from the heat and stir again. Tip the mixture into a lined tin (a plastic takeaway container is a good size) and smooth the top. Gently press the walnut halves on top – you won’t need all of them but it’s helpful to have a selection to choose from. Cover loosely with more plastic wrap and put in the fridge to set. Leave for at least two hours if you can. Cut into small squares and store in a lidded (hidden?) container in the fridge.

Have a great weekend, everyone x



  1. June 7, 2012 / 9:27 pm

    Wow, that looks amazing. I bet you will need to keep it hidden! I so wish I was a coffee lover, but sadly I might skip WSC this month!

  2. June 7, 2012 / 10:12 pm

    This does look totally delicious. I do love the chocolate / coffee mix and this sounds perfect for WSC! 🙂

  3. June 7, 2012 / 11:39 pm

    Fantastic recipe – my hubby is a die hard fudge fanatic so I will have to give this a whirl! Have a great weekend hon, Becks xxx

  4. June 8, 2012 / 7:22 am

    I've not made fudge – this looks so good I'm thinking I should…!

  5. June 8, 2012 / 8:37 am

    oh wow! yum. I have condensed milk and coffee in the cupboard, and bucketloads of walnuts…. can I be persuaded to get up off my bum and walk to the shop to buy white chocolate? Why, yes, I think I can! 😉

  6. June 10, 2012 / 3:50 pm

    You've made this sounds so good, I almost – almost, want to try a square 😉

  7. June 10, 2012 / 7:54 pm

    Being a coffee, chocolate and nut addict what's not to like about this recipe?! I am way behind after going on holiday but I am determined to enter your challenge. I happen to love anything coffee & walnut and this fudge sounds sooo good :))

  8. June 13, 2012 / 8:47 am

    Why has this not come into my world before? It reminds me actually of a coffee walnut slice lots of cafes used to make (with crushed wine biscuit and condensed milk or butter base and coffee icing with walnuts). I am really, really, tempted to stop reading blogs and go make this…

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