Musical Monday: Nantes

One of my favourite bands, playing one of my favourite songs, in one of my favourite parts of Paris…

Musical Monday: Modern Fables

Once upon a time Julia Deans was in a band called Fur Patrol and I used to go to the bar around the corner and watch them play. Now, some 15 (or more) years later, she’s all on her lonesome. Amazingly we happened to be in a bar where she was playing a few weeks ago – and came straight home to buy the album. Here’s the title track for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Musical Monday: Sweet Disposition

Already feeling like you’ve broken your new year resolutions? Fret not, listen to this uplifting tune and read this eminently sensible story that explains why a little of what you fancy can do you good..

Musical Monday: Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus

There’s nothing like listening to this really loud while you’re busy doing pre-Christmas chores… not long to go now!

Musical Monday: Littlest Birds

A sweet little tune to take your mind off that To Do list…