Musical Monday: Helen and the birds

Excuse me while I indulge in some shameless nepotism. This beautiful soul is my gorgeous niece Helen, who has a voice to match her looks. She’s just released her first single as a free download, which you can access here. Go on, have a listen…

Musical Monday: Hang With Me

It’s hot, proper flip-flops and sunscreen and ice cream weather, which means we’ve been dancing around the house to this bouncy pop song by a Swedish girl with great hair and an amazing wardrobe. (I imagine this tune is just as catchy if you’re in the northern hemisphere… just think of those twinkling lights and ice skating and party dresses in shop windows…

Musical Monday: Maybe Sparrow

We were supposed to go to see the New Pornographers last night… then the babysitter cancelled and it looked like the Boy Wonder was going to have to rush into work and and and it all got too hard. So we consoled ourselves by listening to them on the stereo and then this morning I’ve been having a Neko Case-fest. Almost like being there… but this way I can drink a cup of tea and not feel uncool. Have a great week!

Musical Monday: Feelin’ Good (finally!)

Apologies for the unexpected pause in transmission – last week turned into a bit of a septimana horriblis thanks to the Small Girl and I getting knocked down by a nasty bug, then a cold. Oh and I had lots of work on and other various life crises. Suffice to say, blogging fell off the to-do list, along with just about everything else. This week is going to be all about playing catch-up, but I reckon I’m up to it. I’m just going to listen to this again first. Hope you have a great week in blogland and beyond…

Musical Monday: Total Eclipse of the Heart

I read an interview with Bonnie Tyler yesterday that referenced this video. After a weekend of rain and tired grouchiness, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. (And Bonnie, BTW, is still way cool.) Happy Monday x