Oooh la la…

So on Saturday night we celebrated la Fete de la Bastille, with a lot of champagne, a rustic pork terrine (thanks, Elizabeth David) with Dijon mustard, cornichons from Maison Therese, Raymond Blanc’s coq au vin mopped up with lots of baguette, more vin rouge, salade verte, three feisty French cheeses, more vin rouge, not-so-petit pots du chocolat and a Rutherglen muscat.

Then our guests departed into the wild night and we surveyed the destruction while pondering whether a digestif or a tisane would be the best course of action. It was quite a feast. So do excuse me if I look a little pale at the thought of having to think about food today. Thank goodness Bastille Day comes but once a year…

How was your weekend?



  1. July 16, 2012 / 9:11 pm

    Oh that difficult moment when you really don't know if a digestif would be one small step for man or woman too far. But that's why armagnac was born. Great party. I do love a Rutherglen muscat – although I've never seen one in France.

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