Musical Monday: It’s a heartache

A heartbreaking song of staggering genius (sorry, Dave Eggers) from my new (old) hometown. I used to live just up the road from Deluxe Cafe (featured in the video) and can definitely vouch for their pies…

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Sweet sweet Friday: Spicy parsnip and pecan cakes

Sacha is supposed to be having a baby today. She’s been expecting him for two weeks (as a former newspaper photographer she knows all about deadlines). But last night she sent me a text saying that the baby had to stay put until Monday, because she’s shooting a wedding tomorrow and she doesn’t have time…

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In my pantry…

Clever Debby, who blogs at Cooking Up A Storm In A Teacup, has started a brilliant meme looking at pantries (and their contents). Her post about it is really beautiful and the photos of her pantry are enough to induce fits of jealousy in the most well-mannered of KitchenMaids. As Debby says, “Don’t you just…

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Memories of Makiri

Makiri, my great aunt with the dazzling blue eyes and wicked grin, has died. She was 97 and for the last few years lived in the horrible twilight of dementia, but her death still feels like a terrible loss. Makiri, who grew up in a remote rural area in New Zealand, was named after a Maori…

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Guilty Pleasures: Fish fingers

The Small Girl is going through what child experts call a developmental phase. In other words, she is turning into one of those children that kicks, screams, wails – and refuses to eat. I know it’s not about me, but it breaks my heart when she pushes away the things I’ve made for her, even…

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